Chow Chow: A Quick Guide To This Fluffy Dog Breed


The Chow Chow can be traced back to China in ancient times. They are said to be hunting dogs that can kill wolves, sables and pheasants. They are also known as guard dogs in monasteries and wealthy houses in China.

Ancient Chinese paintings confirm their use and stature. Breeders believed that the Chow Chows came from the familial descent of Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Keeshond, and Norwegian elkhound.

Its main distinctive feature is the black tongue which legends claimed to be a wolf-dog; bear dog or black-tongued dog. This type of breed was scattered within the regions of Northern China and Mongolia.


Due to poverty, some Asians used their furry coats as winter clothes and, more, eat them for food. In the late 1700s, English merchants brought them to London to which they have baptized the name, Chow Chow, noting that they originally came from China.

Traits and Behavior

Chow chows may look lovable or good for cuddling but they are aggressive and only loyal to one person. They are stubborn and independent thinkers which make it more challenging to train them for specific tasks and tricks.

As young as 8 weeks old, the dog must be trained to familiarize with people or socialize with other animals so they won’t have difficulties in relating to humans or animals for that matter.


Though at a very young age, they can easily absorb whatever commands or training methods they are subject to.

Owners should be calm, patient and understanding to accomplish the training goals. They can also be good watchdogs and working dogs.

They are multi-task dogs not only in hunting but also in sled-pulling, scenting and tracking or certain animals.

They possess a dominant authority over other animals, which may pose as an impediment factor to mingle with other dogs or even other animals.

They can be loyal, dedicated and protective to their true owner.

Pet Care and Diseases

It is advisable to regularly comb or brush its hair to maintain the integrity of its feature. The dog is a seasonal, heavy shredder so that extra care in grooming is necessary.

Dry shampoo is recommended to preserve natural oils that help protect its coating for weather conditions.


It is also advisable not to let the dog go out in hot, humid weather for a long period. It may cause the dog to have heat stroke due to its heavy-coated hair.

A regular walk or run is needed for the Chow Chow as a form of exercise to prevent them from doing untoward, behavioral problems.

In most instances, they fall on these health problems like hip and knee injuries, cataracts, congestive heart disease and gastrointestinal disorders.


Large, muscular and composed of heavy bone structure, the Chow chow appears to have a teddy bear-like appearance due to its heavy double coat hairs. Its distinctive features are a teddy bear coat, scowl-like lion, black tongue and stilted gait. The head is broad and large; the muzzle is broad and deeply settles under the eyes.


Ears are small and triangular which falls loosely on the level of the eyes. The chest is also broad and deep with a tail that is bushy and is tightly set at the back. Coat colors come in red, black, blue, cinnamon and cream but can also appear in tan, grey or white. Its coat serves as insulation during cold temperatures.

General Information

They usually live for about 8-12 years. The average litter is 3-6 puppies. This breed is also called Chowdren or simply Chow.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Chow Chows. Click this link:

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