Elo: The Smart and Playful Dog Breed


The Elo is a mixture of different types of breed of which three main types were classified by the breeders namely, Chow Chow, Old English sheepdog, and Eurasier. It was developed and bred by the Germans in 1987 to accomplish a good set of behavioral qualities and physical attributes of a perfect family pet dog.

To this day, the Elo has been considered a rare type of dog outside the native country of Germany, so much so that the German breeders initiated in putting up a trademark for this breed such that anyone planning to acquire this dog may need permission from the Elo Breeding and Research Organization.


Traits and Behavior

A dog that was bred to perform good behavioral qualities, the Elo is a happy type of breed and very dependable to humans. Because they were developed as a perfect family pet, they have the nature to be obedient, entertaining, loyal and most of all endearing to children.

They love the attention of people and most of their time is into playful activities such as fetching. With this nature, they are not at their best inside the house or apartment if they have to be on their toes for a longer period.


They bring out their energy spending time roaming, running, and playing outside the house or into large yards.

While in the course of allowing the Elo to play at outdoor places, they need to be leashed for safety reasons for they have a tendency to wild sometimes and that behavior is seen through their propensity to dig the ground messing the yard and garden.

The Elo is an intelligent dog that can easily cooperate and be trained in specific tasks and tricks by the owner. However, the need for establishing dominance over the dog, trust and respect to the owner/trainer is strongly recommended to succeed in engaging the dog to obey always.

One of the essentials while acquiring this dog is the regular exercise that it needs. If there is no regular program for this, the dog can display inappropriate behavioral problems like biting and chewing off things, barking, aggressiveness and destroying other properties.

Pet Care and Diseases

This breed needs brushing and combing since it is a heavy shedder and also to prevent matting of the fur. It is also recommended to acquire professional grooming techniques to maintain its good physical appearance.

As mentioned, the Elo is more comfortable outdoors so that regular exercises like running, walking, playing, or even digging can take place. A lack of exercise may cause them to be irritable, aggressive, and displaying inappropriate behavioral problems.


Since the Elo is a mixture of different types of breed, this may acquire hereditary health problems such as distichiasis (ingrown eyelashes, frequent eye laceration and irritation), skin allergies, obesity and bloat. In some cases, hip and knee injuries can also be a factor in health problems.


A medium-sized type of dog, the Elo stands about 46 – 60cm in height of withers and weighs around 22 – 35kg with a body that is slightly longer than taller.

Its tail is considerably long and with a heavy fur coating that curves right over the back.

The Elo has a coat covering which is in long and medium length depending on the breed type and also with a thick undercoat.


Colors usually seen are in white with brown markings, red, black, or gray. The ears are upright, wide-set and furry.

General Information

Since the Elo is one of the newest breeds today, there is no definite information yet as to how long they can live or how many puppies are there in an average litter. The name Elo is short for the word Eloschaboro.

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