The Golden Retriever: A Loyal and Trustworthy Best Friend

Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog companions today, mainly because they are obedient dogs and are easy to train.

So popular and functional are they that they have evolved in their primary use as retrievers of hunted fowls to dependable guide for the blind and therapy dog for the handicaps.

Their origin began in the Scottish Highlands where hunting was not just a leisure game but a means of livelihood.

In the later part of the 1800's, a dog breeder by the name Lord Tweedmouth cross-bred different breed dogs – Flat-Coated retriever, Tweed Water spaniel, bloodhound, the Irish setter.

The resulting breed is the now popular Golden Retriever. Previously during Lord Tweedmouth’s time, this dog was called Golden Flat-Coat.

Originally of yellow color coat coloring, many dog breeders were attracted to the versatility of Golden retrievers such that to this date there are three types of Golden retrievers, aside from the original breed of Scotland. These are the English, American, and Canadian.

Traits and Behavior

Golden retrievers are intelligent and smart dogs so much so that they are easily trained and with that, they have shown satisfactory performances in dog competitions. Its versatility is impressive such that its breed is sought after.


Traits like – lovable, gentle, calm, patient, devoted, friendly, dependable guard dogs and watchdogs, and in hunting – excellent retrievers (they retrieve gunned fowls undamaged), trackers, swimmers, all these make up a most rewarding breed type of dog.

Part of their devotion and obedience is due to the discipline instilled by the owner or trainer.

Showing firmness, consistency and leadership over these dogs can impress on them the idea of submission and outright obedience to the commands. With constant reminders of the commands, these dogs can be prevented from giving out their instinct of being destructive and high-strung.


Pet Care and Diseases

Because of their thick coat covering and the that these dogs shed heavily, regular grooming must be given like brushing, trimming, and bathing every two months.

Their frequent shedding may develop into bald patches such that these can cause skin infections or allergies. Therefore, they should be checked for these reasons. Also, ears must be examined for ear infections.

Their large size may require a dwelling place that has a spacious yard for their running and play activities.


Owners must always provide them with a regular exercise regimen like jogging, running, and long walks as these dogs are retrievers and were bred to be always active and energetic.

Basically, because of interbreeding, these dogs are prone to cancer which includes mast cell tumors, hip dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s disease (a blood disease), heart problems and congenital eye defects. Care, too, must be extended to their feeding as they easily gain weight.


These dogs are built to be sturdy and medium-large, standing at 2-24 inches and weighing 55-80 pounds. Their body structure is made up of a broad skull and straight, tapering muzzle with a well-defined stop, and a well-covered, feathery tail.

Their facial features are composed of a brownish-black nose, pleading eyes, teeth that show scissors bite, and short ears which hang close to the dog’s cheeks.


Golden retrievers are a long-coated breed with thick undercoat and feathery and long overcoat. They are well recognized as a dog breed with a coat color that comes from cream to rich golden.

These coat colors are most common in their breed and so the reason for their name. The feathery and wavy hairs practically cover their underbelly, back of the legs, front of the neck, and underside of their tail.


General Information

The life expectancy of Golden Retrievers is rather short, 10-12 years. The average litter size is 5-10 puppies. This breed is also known as the Yellow Retriever.

Breed Club

Visit these dog club websites dedicated to Golden Retrievers. Click this link:


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