The Greyhound: A Noble and Ancient Dog Breed


Greyhounds are known to be the fastest dogs in the world. They are widely used in gambling racing competitions with other dogs. It is believed that the Greyhounds had existed 2,000 years ago in some parts of Eastern Europe or Eurasia.

During that time, Greyhounds were firstly used as hunting dogs because of their keen eyesight that were importantly used in tracking deer, wild boars or rabbits.

In 1885, the Greyhounds were finally recognized by the American Kennel Club in which these dogs were one of the first dogs to appear in its first show ring. Having a talent for speed and sight, these hounds are also in used as watchdogs in which they are very sensitive to sound.

Traits and Behavior

Since Greyhounds are known as race dogs, they are usually trained in the field for sprinting and chasing down a machine that dressed like a rabbit. Greyhounds appear in competitions with a covering on their muzzles in which some may think these dogs are vicious and aggressive ones.


The covering however serves as protection from nipping with other dogs that takes place usually when the race is happening.

As pet dogs, the Greyhounds are friendly, loving and loyal to their owner or trainer. These dogs are intelligent and easy to be trained.

Due to their instinctive traits especially to sound, they are keen to follow and chase down the things that sound unfamiliar and suspicious to them. Also, these dogs do not go well with other small animals or children.

Sometimes they may be aggressive into something that quickly moves. Socialization during its early years is necessary for treating them to behave as calm, well-tempered dogs.

Pet Care and Diseases

Greyhounds have coat hairs that are short and smooth in texture that need only a little grooming. The owner or trainer can brush or comb their hair using a firm bristle brush and as well as do dry shampooing.

Over-bathing can lead to oil depletion that makes their skin sensitive to irritation and infection.


Although these dogs are used to race, they don’t need extensive regular exercises like running or walking that entails the boost of their endurance.

These dogs are natural in their speed and agility and can only live by through occasional walks or jogs.

Due to their slim body built, these dogs are uncomfortable sleeping on concrete floors.

It is usually advised to owners that the use of soft bedding or with cushion is necessary to prevent skin sores of these dogs.

These Greyhounds are prone to bloat, blood disorders and drug that contain insecticide.


The Greyhounds appear as tall, slender, athletic body built dogs. Their head is long and narrow and also have an elongated muzzle. These dogs can stand around 71-76 cm in height in withers and weigh around 27-40 kg.

Ears are held back and folded. Eyes are usually in a dark color like black or dark brown. They have very extensive legs and appear perfectly straight front legs. Their chest is wide and deep, with their long neck slightly arched. These dogs possess short, thin coat hairs that come in a variety of colors such as white, brindle, fawn, black, red and blue (grey).


General Information

They can live up to 10-12 years. Litter size consists of about 10-15 puppies. A Greyhound is also known as the English Greyhound and was often called Gazehound.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Greyhounds. Click this link:

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