10 Reasons to Love Chihuahuas

chihuahua lay down

If you are in the process of choosing what breed of dog you want to adopt or buy next, or maybe this is your first dog, here are some tips that can help you decide and consider a cute little dog breed called Chihuahua. 

Thoughtfully playful

Roaming around, moving a lot and playing so much! If this is the kind of dog you want in the house, then Teacup (popular name of Chihuahua) is the type for you! The agility of these cute little dogs can be compared to the larger breeds such as German Shepherds, Greyhounds and Boxers. 

Family pooch

Because of their small size, a Chihuahua is ideal for those who are renting an apartment or living in condominium units in the city. Minimal space is required to maintain this breed of dog since it does not need much area to play around. They are cool with all family members if the children are calm and easy-going.

Pocket-sized Chi

Another benefit you can get from having a small pet dog like a Chihuahua is mobility. You can bring them anywhere you want because they’re pint-sized and can be kept in a small pouch or tote bag without others even noticing it.

chihuahua puppy


Cute companion

History has proven these miniature dogs are a very good companion and their obedience is incomparable. They’re very loyal and attentive, it will be like having a delightful guard on duty whenever you’re with them. They can even scare an intruder away despite their tiny build. 

Minimal grooming

Whether long-coat or short-haired, they need very little or no trimming or grooming. It’s seldom that brushing is necessary even when it’s long-haired. If you are a bit weary of having a long-haired instead of a short one, bear in mind that long-haired Chihuahua sheds hair less often than the other. Therefore, it generally requires you to do less grooming! 

Sweet yet Alert 

Very fun-loving and sweet, the best words that describe this pet. They are very affectionate buddy especially when trained well, but always keep an eye on strangers making it a perfect watchdog. They will love making a den in the quilt or pillow and sometimes under your legs, their sweet gestures are surely limitless.

chihuahuas alert 

Brave little one

Despite being the world’s smallest dog, the courage of this tiny canine is on par with a rugged Pit Bull, Terrier, Doberman or Rottweiler. So, you also need to be cautious in taking care of them because they don’t realise that their size will not match a Terrier, thus a fight might flare up.


Requires little walking

Due to their small size, they need little walking as a form of exercise, but all pet owners must keep in mind that having any kind of pet involves a handful of attention, time and effort. Remember this does not exclude this miniature pooch. So, if you are very busy and only have five to ten-minutes extra time for a dog walk, then this be a good choice for you. 

chihuahua in a pram

Long-life expectancy

If you’re expecting a long-time partnership with your pet, well this can be achieved with a Chihuahua, particularly when proper diet, hygiene and training are given. An average dog lives up to 12 years while this tiny dog can live up to 18 years! On the other hand, you too could live longer by having this pet to help reduce stress.


Attachment is one of the bold characters traits of this breed. They’re very loyal. Sometimes they can get jealous, so you must be assertive and correct this behavior. However, you can always count on them, particularly when outsiders are intruding their space. They have a great ability to sense eerie movements thereby creating an alarm to warn the house owner. Irrespective of their small size, the qualities they own matches the bigger dog breed.


So hopefully you can now see why we love Chihuahua's here at Printy Paw HQ. If you'd like us to create an illustrated pet portrait of your new Chihuahua, or any of your pets, you can order online from us today.

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