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Photo Guidelines

To get the best quality pet portrait, it’s crucial your photo follows certain guidelines to make sure our artists can accurately re-create the colors and characteristics of your pet. 

To help with this we’ve listed some guidelines below:

  • Number of Pets: Please only upload one photo per pet. We can do portraits with multiple pets, however, we still need separate photos of each.
  • Good Camera: Use a good quality camera or smartphone for a nice sharp photo. 
  • Lighting: Make sure your photo has good lighting. Outside in daylight, or a bright room. If the lighting is bad, colors will be affected.
  • Position: Use a photo that's on eye level with your pet. These make the best portraits.
  • Frame: Make sure you get all their head (including ears), neck and chest are in the frame. If ears are cropped,  we'll can't guarantee re-creating them.

Examples of good and bad photos

good photo example


  • Great lighting
  • Eye level 
  • Head neck and chest in frame
  • Both ears in the frame
bad photo example


  • Ear cut off
  • Not on eye level 
  • Dog looking up
  • Bad lighting
shih tzu bad photo example


  • Not on eye level
  • Bad lighting
  • Neck and chest not in the frame

Overall, try and stick to these guidelines. The quality of your pet portrait relies on how good your photo is. So please try your best to follow the them so we can create the best pet portrait possible for you.

If you’re unsure about a photo, send it to and we’ll let you know if it’s suitable.