french bulldog puppy sleeping

9 Common Health Issues With French Bulldogs

Owning a French Bulldog comes with many benefits. These adorable dogs are intelligent, loyal and make the perfect companion. However, they also have some health issues that can be tough to manage. In this blog post we will discuss these health issues so owners can get an understanding of what to expect in order to take care of their beloved Frenchie.
by Ian H on April 08, 2021
10 Reasons to Love Chihuahuas

10 Reasons to Love Chihuahuas

If you're in the process of choosing what breed of dog you want to adopt or buy next, or maybe this is your first dog, here are some tips that can help you decide and consider a cute little dog breed called Chihuahua.
by Ian H on February 21, 2021
Which Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

Which Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

  So as a dog owner, you might be wondering...
by Ian H on January 09, 2021
pet portrait

3 Tips for the Best Custom Pet Portrait

Discover 3 tips on how to get the best pet portrait of your beloved fur baby.
by Ian H on November 26, 2020