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Who Are We?

Here at Printy Paw we love our pets dearly and also have a passion for art, so we combine the two into products for you to enjoy.

Our pets are an integral part of the family, they bring so much enjoyment into our lives and help to keep us sane in times of stress.

So one way we can express our love for our little furry companions is to transform them into eye-catching pieces of art, that you, your friends and family can enjoy forever.

Our team is located all over the world. From the United States to Europe and beyond. This allows us to hire the most talented people available, so you get the finest quality products delivered straight to your door.


Our Mission

We are a highly motivated team who strive to use our creative minds to bring a smile to your face with our products and exceptional customer service.

There is also a more serious side….

Sadly, a lot of pets aren’t as loved as what they should be and end up in shelter homes.

We try and help these animals who find themselves in this terrible situation by donating a percentage of our monthly profits to the charities who look after them and try to get them re-homed.

puppies in a cage

Together, we can create change