The Bold and Courageous Irish Terrier


The Irish terriers were known to be big influential kennels in Ireland, Britain and the US. They were believed to have descended from the family of black and tan terriers, and wheaten-colored terriers. The breed itself had existed for almost 2,000 years and had been considered as one of the oldest.

The Irish terriers were first recognized in Ireland as vermin killers that chased down on narrow burrows in residential places. Then during the wartimes, they were further trained to do tasks such as guarding, watching, and as wartime messengers – all for military purposes.

In 1885, the American Kennel Club recognized the Irish terrier and with that their breed began another phase of performance which is in dog-ring shows, a year later.

Traits and Behavior

Active, playful and loyal are one of the many traits these Irish terriers possess. The Irish, British and Americans have all seen the good qualities and the endearing company which the Irish terriers bring.

These dogs have an innate character to protect those they are close to which makes them excellent as a guard and watchdogs.

They are also quite known to dig up, chase, and do anything when out in the open; therefore, it is advised that their living space must be a secure and safe place.


The terriers are highly intelligent and can be relied on for proper training.

In most cases, these dogs love the idea to be always on the move whether on play or work. Due to their active and energetic nature, they are appropriate as jogging or running companions especially to owners who prefer the accompaniment of their pets.

They are also friendly with older children but not as sociable as other non-canine animals because of their dominant trait as alpha dogs.

Pet Care and Diseases

Irish terriers may need professional grooming needs as they have to strictly undergo stripping by hand on their coat hairs at least twice a year. Their coat has a weatherproof quality that enables them not to constantly wash it.

Dog owners must not use detergent for bathing the dogs as it can cause the natural protective oil to deplete which makes their coat hairs soft and thin in texture. Like most active dogs, they need constant regular exercises like walking, running or engaging in playful activities.

Irish terriers are generally known to be a healthy breed and do not incur major health problems.



The dog’s body stronger is such that it is longer than tall and medium-sized built. These Irish terriers have an approximate height at the withers of about 43 cm and a weight of about 11-12 kg. The Head is flat with a slight muzzle stop that can be noticed when seen sideways.

Their usual nose color is black and the eyes are small with dark brown in color that is covered with bushy eyebrows. Their ears are v-shaped that folds forward, short, and hangs above the eyes.


As for its coat, they have a soft, smooth texture undercoat and a straight and wiry double coat. Coat colors can be solid red, golden red, red wheaten or wheaten. The most distinctive features of the terriers are their long whiskers, bearded muzzle, and a small white patch on their chest.

General Information

They have a life expectancy of about 13-14 years. The litter size is about 4-6 puppies. This breed is also known as Irish Red Terrier.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Irish Terriers:

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