Everything You Need to Know About the Maltese Dog Breed


The Maltese are a small breed dog that is classified in the toy group that originated from the Central Mediterranean, the name Maltese, actually came from the word Malta, the island nation in which they are from.

It was said that the Spitz type of dogs from the Swiss Lake dwellers is the Maltese’s descendants but there is little evidence of breeds from Asia making it related to the Tibetan terrier these two notions are still in dispute today that is why the exact origin of the Maltese is not accurately known.

Some say that this dog breed is from the Middle East thru the migration of nomadic tribes.

Others believe that this dog is used for rodent control in the past. During the 19th century in England, the Maltese were utilized for show rings, but it is a requirement for them to be pure white before accepted.

This breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1888.

Traits and Behavior

Maltese are cuddly companions they are loved for their playful and lively characteristics that even if they grow old, their energy levels are still in the hype. However, the Maltese are occasionally snappish with children thus requiring supervision.

They love being with their owners and prefer to stay with them most of the time. This dog breed is perfect for an apartment or indoor living though they are very active. having a small yard for the dog to run around is recommended.


Pet Care and Diseases

This is of a long-haired type which means that it does not shed making it a good pet for people with allergies. Haircut for this dog is a common trend which includes the puppy cut that cuts the entire hairs of the body to one inch short.

This dog is hugely hypoallergenic like their relatives the Bichon Frise and the Poodle. Daily cleaning should be done every day to prevent tear-staining.


Baths should be done per week to keep the coat silky and clean. Grooming by a professional should be done once every one month and a half.

Tear staining, reverse sneezing and cavities are the common health problems of the Maltese dog. Tear staining is characterized by dark staining of the hair around the eyes, reverse sneezing is caused by allergies.

These can be prevented by proper grooming and frequent brushing of the teeth.


The Maltese are of small stature with a compact body that equalizes the length and height. It has a round head with a finger wide dome, the nose is shaped like a button and tinted black with round brown eyes.

The drop ears are oftentimes covered with long hair and surrounded by a halo of darker skin pigmentation giving them an impressive appearance. When the Maltese are not exposed to sunlight as they normally should have, the black color of the nose can fade into light brown or pink which is known as winter nose but it turns to black if there is increased exposure to sunlight.


A full show coat is a redeeming characteristic of a Maltese dog; it is long and silky however there is no undercoat. Long silky coats are common with the Maltese but some may have curly hair though others consider this a fault.

The color of the coat is purely white but the ears have a lining of pale ivory, there are also other dogs with slight lemon markings. This dog weighs 5 to 8 lbs and they stand at a height of 7 to 12 inches.


General Information

They can live 12 to 15 years. The average litter size is 4 puppies.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Ariege PointerKintamanis. Click this link: https://www.themalteseclub.co.uk/

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